Pennsylvania Driver's License Test

The Third Party Non-Commercial Testing Program was established by PennDOT to provide Pennsylvania residents with an additional option to obtain their driver's license.  While there is no charge for taking a driving skills test at a PennDOT Driver License Center, third-party business partners, such as My Turn To Drive School, charge a fee for administering the driver's license test.  All of our examiners have been PennDOT-certified, and the test itself will be identical to what a customer would receive at a Driver License Center.


My Turn To Drive School and its instructors underwent a rigorous approval and training process to become a certified third party tester by the state.   This program eliminates the need for examinees to travel to a Pennsylvania Driving Center to take their driver's license test.  Testing can be completed at our location.  Once you have successfully passed your license test at our facility, our instructors will stamp your Pennsylvania learner's permit which will serve as your valid license for up to 120 days. You will receive your camera card in the mail from PennDOT within two to four weeks.  At that time, you can visit any authorized photo license center in order to have your license photo taken and then issued.  Parents and students are appreciative of the convenience of the Third Party Non-Commercial Testing Program and My Turn To Drive School is proud to have partnered with PennDOT to provide this opportunity for our students.  Call today to schedule your Pennsylvania driver's license test in as little as 2 days!


A Pennsylvania driver's license test is included during the last scheduled lesson of purchased lesson packages.  The test will occur on the last scheduled lesson in the purchased package once the student has reached his or her eligibility date and, if under 18 years of age, has attained 65 hours of driving practice.


You can also schedule without purchasing a lesson package for $175, which includes a warm up lesson and then license test or just schedule a license test with no practice for $115.



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